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Primary 6 Maths SA1 2014 - Raffles Girls

Thank you very much for doing this! I no longer buy printed test papers for my children which are very expensive!
- Tan Hui Ling

As a tutor, I recommend Free Test Papers

Primary 6 English SA2 2011 - Nanyang

By using this website, I get many test papers for my students to practise. Thumbs up!
- Angeline Teo

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Primary 3 Higher Chinese CA2 2011 - Pei Chun

Unlike other websites, this website provides free test papers from primary schools. Many past year papers to download for free. Thank you.
- Mr Ang

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Thank you so much!!

I download many test papers from here regularly for my children to practise. This way, I don't have to buy the papers. I can just print them myself! Education is expensive and we need to keep cost low.
- Mrs Chan